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Experience the best in window tinting at Beverly Tint Shop. With over 15 years of industry experience and a team of XPEL factory-trained professionals, we bring unmatched expertise to every job. Our window tinting services enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics, protection, and comfort.

Whether you prefer ceramic window tint, budget-friendly PRIME CS, or high-performance PRIME XR PLUS, we have the solution for you. Elevate your driving experience with us. Get started today and enjoy the quality service your vehicle deserves.

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XPEL Window Film Options


Experience the fusion of style and extraordinary performance with PRIME XR PLUS automotive window tint. Utilizing advanced multi-layer nanoparticle technology, it delivers an impressive 98% heat rejection from infrared rays. With PRIME XR PLUS, stay comfortable and well-protected, regardless of the weather conditions.

%UV Radiation
% Infrared Radiation Blocked
% Solar Energy Rejection


With its advanced nano-ceramic build, PRIME XR ensures enduring, flawless clarity over the years. Offering up to 88% heat rejection from infrared rays, PRIME XR delivers the top-tier performance you demand from premium automotive window tint, all without exceeding your budget.

%UV Radiation
% Infrared Radiation Blocked
% Solar Energy Rejection


Safeguard yourself from 99% of cancer-causing UV rays and attain the privacy you seek with PRIME CS, the most reliable and color-stable window tint film available.

%UV Radiation
% Infrared Radiation Blocked
% Solar Energy Rejection

Regular Window Tint vs Ceramic Window Tint

When it comes to combating the sun’s heat and ensuring your vehicle stays comfortable in various weather conditions, ceramic window tint options like PRIME XR PLUS and PRIME XR take the lead. They’re specifically engineered to combat the infrared rays responsible for the sun’s heat. By blocking up to 98% of these rays (with PRIME XR PLUS) and up to 88% (with PRIME XR), they create a noticeable and lasting impact on your driving experience.These advanced solutions are designed to provide superior heat rejection, making a noticeable difference in your driving experience.


Improved Visibility

Window tint enhances visibility by reducing sun glare, minimizing eye strain, and ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

UV Ray Protection

Window tint provides an effective barrier against harmful UV rays, safeguarding against skin cancers, premature aging, and skin cell damage.

Timeless Elegance

High-quality window tint, like those from XPEL, retains its appearance over time, offering lasting elegance without fading or discoloration, keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Enhanced Comfort

Window tint blocks solar heat radiation, helping to maintain a pleasant interior temperature and supporting better fuel efficiency.

Seamless Connectivity

With no interference from metalized particles, window tint ensures uninterrupted connectivity for radio, cellular, and Bluetooth signals.

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Is window tint installation a DIY project, or should I have it done professionally?

Professional installation is highly recommended to ensure a precise, bubble-free, and long-lasting application. DIY projects often result in suboptimal performance and longevity

How can I maintain and clean my window tint without damaging it?

To maintain and clean your window tint effectively, use a gentle, ammonia-free window cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth or microfiber towel. Avoid using abrasive materials, such as paper towels or harsh cleaning agents, as they can scratch the tint or cause damage.

Can I have the window tint removed if I change my mind or if it becomes damaged?

Yes, window tint can be removed if necessary. However, the process can be intricate, and it’s often best performed by professionals to avoid damaging the glass. In the case of damaged or deteriorating tint, removal and replacement may be the best solution.

What is Visible Light Transmission (VLT), and how does it impact my window tint?

VLT, or Visible Light Transmission, is a measurement of the amount of visible light that can pass through your window tint. It’s typically expressed as a percentage. A higher VLT percentage indicates that more light can pass through, resulting in lighter window tint. Conversely, a lower VLT percentage means less light can pass through, resulting in darker tint. Understanding VLT is important as it determines the level of privacy, glare reduction, and heat rejection provided by your window tint. It’s essential to be aware of the legal VLT limits in your area to ensure compliance with local regulations when choosing your window tint shade.

Will window tint affect the defrosting or defogging capabilities of my rear window?

In most cases, professionally installed window tint should not significantly impact the defrosting or defogging capabilities of your rear window. However, it’s essential to inform the installer about any rear window defrosting elements, and they can take precautions during installation to avoid interference.

Are there any cost-effective window tint options available that still offer quality performance?

Yes, there are cost-effective window tint options, such as PRIME CS. While it may not offer the advanced features of ceramic tints, it provides essential benefits like UV protection, glare reduction, and enhanced privacy. It’s a reliable choice for those looking for budget-friendly window tint without compromising quality.

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